Alice’s Bear Shop Storybooks

Written and beautifully illustrated by Rikey Austin, the storybooks invite children of all ages into the wonderful world of Alice’s Bear Shop (and hospital for poorly bears) where the characters invariably end up either to be repaired or returned to their owners.

The re-opening of Alice’s Bear Shop in Autumn 2018 included the release of six storybooks. Five of these six books are new versions of the original stories, where Rikey has re-illustrated Alice and the characters. And excitingly, there is one completely new story called Little Lost Bear, where we are introduced to this adorable bear, his friends and his new family.

More storybooks are planned for release in 2019 and these will include more of the original stories (with new illustrations) as well as a series of completely new stories. Rikey is busy creating these new stories and, as with all the books to date, there is sure to be adventure, drama and of course, a happy ending!

  • Woodroffe Growls Again

    Woodroffe Growls Again

    Woodroffe was the first bear Alice and her mum repaired, which led to them opening Alice’s Bear Shop and hospital for poorly bears. So this proud old bear with his smart waistcoat and famous growl was the start of the Alice’s Bear Shop story!

  • Tat Gets a Patch

    Tat Gets a Patch

    Tat is a loved-to-bits bear who is losing his stuffing, so when he’s brought in to Alice’s Bear Shop for a make-over he’s worried the new him might not be so loved. But he doesn’t need to worry as Alice helps him to keep both his character and his stuffing!

  • Cobby Goes for a Swim

    Cobby Goes for a Swim

    The notice in Alice’s Bear Shop window read: ‘Found. Bear lost at sea. Soggy but safe. Apply within.’ The bear is called Cobby, lost to his owner Tom, when he fell overboard…this is the story of how he came to be in Alice’s Bear Shop.

  • Sandy Paints a Picture

    Sandy Paints a Picture

    Sandy is a bear who lives with an artist just around the corner from Alice’s Bear Shop. The artist’s paintings always make people smile and Sandy wishes she could make someone smile too. And so begins Sandy’s very messy but colourful adventure...

  • Captain’s Treasure

    Captain’s Treasure

    Captain is a cat of considerable character, whose possible pirate past comes in handy when solving a mystery. Follow Captain’s story from patient at Alice’s Bear Shop and Hospital for Poorly Bears to the hero of Alice’s family...

  • Little Lost Bear

    Little Lost Bear

    This brand new story follows the story of Little Lost Bear and his friends as they await the arrival of his family to the lost luggage office at the train station…but will they come soon?