Meet the characters at Alice’s Bear Shop…

The re-opening of Alice’s Bear Shop saw the launch of eight of these much ‘loved-to-bits’ characters from Rikey Austin’s original storybooks make their welcome return. And in addition to the first eight Alice’s Bear Shop Collection characters, we are also launching with four new characters – Little Lost Bear and his three friends.

Each of the 12 characters (shown below) is newly designed and they have been lovingly made by hand by the same production team at Charlie Bears. More characters from the original Alice’s Bear Shop Collection and some new characters (never seen before!) are planned for release in Spring 2019.

  • Woodroffe


    Woodroffe was the first bear Alice and her mum repaired, which led to them opening Alice’s Bear Shop and hospital for poorly bears. So this proud old bear with his smart waistcoat and famous growl was the start of the Alice’s Bear Shop story...

  • Tat


    Tat is a ‘loved-to-bits’ bear that needed some emergency repairs in Alice’s Bear Shop to make him look as good as new. The chequered patch on his tummy is now the only reminder of his time in the hospital for poorly bears.

  • Cobby


    The inspiration behind the new Alice’s Bear Shop logo, Cobby is a gorgeous little bear. He is always to be found in his favourite dungarees and red spotty neckerchief - even when he ends up lost at sea.

  • Sandy


    In the Alice’s Bear Shop storybook ‘Sandy Paints a Picture’ we see Sandy get in a terrible mess with paint all over her pretty cream dress. But don’t worry, Alice cleaned her up a treat and now she is as good as new!

  • Captain


    Captain is a cat of considerable character who was (possibly) raised by pirates before finding himself in Alice’s Bear Shop. Captain loves an adventure and there is never a dull moment when he is around.

  • Ting


    When this shy, sad little panda came into Alice’s Bear Shop he didn’t even have a name. Alice spent lots of time getting to the bottom of what was wrong and, in doing so, discovered the perfect name for him…Ting!

  • Chunky


    Chunky is Alice’s dog and a friend to all Alice’s Bear Shop characters too. Chunky loves to go hunting for bones on the beach in the seaside town where they all live and it’s here that he made the find of his life!

  • Icky


    Icky was found by Alice and her mum when they were out walking on the beach one day. He’d been out searching for fossils when he got stuck in the mud and once again it was Alice’s Bear Shop to the rescue!

  • Little Lost Bear

    Little Lost Bear

    Little Lost Bear has an exciting tale to tell about his adventures in the train station’s lost property office. This adorable tiny teddy has magnets in his paws so he can cover his eyes when it all gets a bit much for him.

  • Snowie


    Snowie was the official train station cat and when Little Lost Bear came into the lost property office they became lifelong friends. With her fluffy white fur and the cutest pink nose, it’s no wonder Snowie was ‘found’ too!

  • Mischief


    Mischief the mouse is, as his name might suggest, a cheeky little character - first spotted (or not!) amongst the lost property items at the train station. But will he become part of the Little Lost Bear’s collection of stories?

  • Wellington


    Wellington is a very friendly and playful dog - so much so that when Little Lost Bear first met him he seemed a bit too bouncy. But then Little Lost Bear realised this is just because Wellington loves everyone - especially bears!